GURUJI KRISHNANANDA was born as L. Lakshminarayana Murthy on 18th May, 1939 to a simple family in a small town called “Anekal ” about 60 kilometres from Bengaluru. The oldest of four, Lakshminarayana Murthy studied up to High school in Anekal and later moved to Bengaluru for college studies. He was a bright student and always excelled in studies. Guruji graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and immediately joined the ” Posts and Telegraphs Department “. Throughout his life he moulded his persona and philosophy by reading literary works of great writers. He would enjoy reading the works of Aldous Huxley, Franz Kafka, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Somerset Maugham, Oscar Wilde and Jean – Paul Sartre to name a few. He used to follow the Kannada Literary movement and studied the novels by Dr. Shivarama Karanth. While in his twenties, GURUJI used to write short stories and novels. Once, adventurously, he wrote a single sentence story stretching onto thirteen pages! 
Painting was always close to his heart. Vincent Van Gogh was his favourite, so were the great painters like Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Renoir and Salvador Dali. He used to paint sometimes. Movies and music were his other interests. Besides old classics, he also appreciated recent movies like Cinema Paradiso, August Rush and Chocolat. He enjoyed listening to Pandit.

Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustaad  Zakir Hussain.

Krishnananda met MAHARSHI AMARA in the  year 1977. Later, he took voluntary retirement  from his career of twenty-two years so that he could become MAHARSHI AMARA’s full time disciple. His  journey from a simple family man to a Spiritual Master has been narrated by him in his  autobiography … “Doorways to Light “.

In the year 1988, when GURUJI was living in a hut in what is today ” Antar-Manasa “, he  established the Saptarishis Path and launched  ” Manasa Foundation “.

Guruji started teaching Meditation in various places in Bengaluru. As time passed, some students  became Volunteers and teachers, and  then graduated to become his disciples.

Throughout the 1990’s and up until he passed over in November 2012, he trained a  sizeable number of Meditation Teachers, Guides and Volunteers to continue his work. Thousands  were initiated into  meditation under his tutelage.

Guided by a divine instruction by Lord Krishna, GURUJI established the “Saptarishis Centre” in ” Taponagara “… about a kilometre from  Antar-Manasa .. in the early 1990s. Since then Taponagara has become a huge store-house of  energies. A few years ago the Rishis and GURUJI  created a ” Manasi  field ” to protect the Divine  Energies.

In the year 1996, GURUJI was drawn to Shakti  Loka. He saw a huge form of Devi, glowing  with  the brilliance of billions of Suns. GURUJI began  expanding unlimitedly and started  absorbing lots   of Devi’s ” Mahakundalini Energy” full of  knowledge, Wisdom, Love, etc. Then he had to  withdraw and return to this plane.

After this illumination, GURUJI became a channel to these energies : lots of wonderful  Spiritual  energies, hitherto unseen, flowed through him and filled Taponagara. This Kundalini helps  Meditators in purification, faster clearance of  Karmas and prepares for higher experiences,  Knowledge and much more. It helps the Meditators in entering the Light Age. In the year  2002, GURUJI built the Kundalini Meditation Hall  to store the strong energies and gave a special  technique to absorb the energies.

GURUJI inaugurated the Cosmic Tower in the  year 2004 and filled it with special energies for  faster spiritual growth.

GURUJI built the ” Saptarishi’s Cave ” and  installed statues for each of the Seven Great  Rishis. He stored energies of each of the Seven Masters, making it possible for every  seeker to access the Rishis directly.

GURUJI  also built seven  Mantapas for Chakra  Meditations and charged  each with the energies  to activate the chakras. The ” Saptarishis‘  Cave” and the Mantapas are nestled in Tapovana, a beautiful garden which is an oasis of silence  and tranquillity.

In May 2007, GURUJI launched the Centre for  Study of Spiritual Realities at ” Antar-Manasa “. The  Study Centre since has published seven books  on spiritual and metaphysical subjects.

In February 2009, he brought down a great  Divine Energy from the Higher Realms and  spread It all over the world to elevate the spiritual  condition of the entire humanity. For simplicity,  he called this the “Light Energy” and launched  the Light Channels World Movement.  Since  then  a  dedicated  team  of  more  than  a hundred Light Channels  Volunteers  have visited thousands of  schools and taught the Light Channels technique  to more than 24,00,000 students for free, across  India. About 4,85,000 students across 1 075  schools channel Light daily in their assembly  sessions.

1st February, Maharshi Amara birthday, is celebrated  as ” World Channels Day “. A focussed  attempt to channel Light  in various schools is  arranged on this day.

In May 2009. GURUJI anchored the Great RA Energy at Antar- Manasa and initiated many meditators into RA  Meditation.

In May 2012, GURUJI brought down a Divine Energy to help humanity sail through the Pralaya  processes and enter the Light Age.

GURUJI brought down enormous knowledge  through his direct contact with the Light Masters  or Rishis and also via his direct perception of Truth. There are about thirty-six books in English  capturing the rare and advanced Knowledge channelled by GURUJI. Many of these books are  available in other languages as well.

GURUJI epitomized humility and always emphasized on striking a balance between one’s  spiritual and material life. He taught that we have to spiritually handle our material life. He insisted  that his  students should experience God first  hand, communicate with Rishisdirectly, use their  own intuition and shine with their own Light.

GURUJI released spirituality from the  confines of complexity and esotericism and  defined it as just being simple, good and honest. He taught the real meaning of terms like  ‘Brahmacharya‘, ‘Sanyasa ‘,  Vairagya ‘ etc. GURUJI exemplified applied spirituality, unconditional Love and its derivatives. He valued  the human emotions in relationships and  experiences of Nature.

Though he worked closely with the Sapta RishisVishwamitra MaharshiAMARA MAHARSHI  and Shambala Masters and was in tune with  Divine Personalities, he always had an  unassuming nature. Though he was a Light  Master himself, he instructed that he  should not be referred to as a MAHARSHI but only  as GURUJI.

He had astrally travelled to other worlds and had seen life in those planes of existence. He  underplayed his powers, capacities and was  always in surrender to the eternal Rishis.

GURUJI passed over on 23rd November, 2012. A few weeks before he left his physical body, Guruji promised that he will guide each one of  his students from the Astral Realms. Almost  everyone has felt his divine presence and help in  their lives.


Guruji Krishnananda .. a very recently departed New Age Sage, from Bengaluru .. met his great  spiritual Master AMARA in the year 1977 to learn meditation. In the year  1981, Guruji  krishnananda gave up his Government job and joined AMARA in a spiritual  project. When AMARA passed away in the year 1982, Guruji Krishnananda continued with his preparation for spiritual work. In the year 1987, he had a revelation and began  teaching meditation. Guruji Krishnananda set up an advanced yogic centre in ‘Taponagara’.. which is 20 km from Bengaluru. On the occasion of Maharshi AMARA’S birth anniversary on the 1st February 1988, Guruji Krishnananda established ” Manasa  Foundation  the Sapta Rishis‘ Path as per the guidance of the great light masters. A few  excerpts from his magnificent book ” Doorways to Light “.

I met AMARA in the  year 1977.

It was a cool February evening, in Bengaluru, when I  walked into his house  with my friend. We  waited in the neatly  furnished drawing room only for a few minutes. A  strongly built man in his fifties moved in  majestically and smiled gently. It was AMARA !

I had composed myself to meet a person  with a flowing beard and hanging beads. But, AMARA was entirely different. He looked like a  professor, in his neatly pressed shirt and  trousers. But, there was  something-very big about  him that I could not grasp at that time. After the  introduction, AMARA asked me :

” So, you want to meditate? 

I nodded.

His voice was rich, soft and intimate. He  smiled and stared at me for a long time. I could  not read him  and I was aware that he was probing me deeply. I was also aware that something was  surfacing in me a hazy memory .. a warm  feeling. I told him that he looked very familiar.

He smiled again, as he spoke.

” We have met earlier.  “

” No ! This is the first time that I am meeting  you! “

“ We have met in the past lives. ”

I did not know how to react. I would have laughed at anyone else. But, he sounded so  genuine and  sincere! I waited for him to continue. But, he remained silent. Perhaps, he did not want  to elaborate. It  was enough to speak the truth. It  needed no explanation. He asked me to meet him  the next day. As  we were leaving, he said:

” The Rishis will initiate you. I will  fix up an appointment with them. “

Appointment with the RISHIS !

My friend had, of course, briefed me earlier. ” AMARA ” was in contact with the SAPTA RISHIS,  the  Seven Great Masters, the HIERARCHY, in the  higher planes. He would meet them daily during  nights travelling in his Astral body and would participate in the works related to human welfare and evolution.

Will the RISHIS come tomorrow ? Will I be  able to see them? I was thrilled with anticipation  and let my imagination go wild as we stepped  out into the noisy street and the cold world that  appeared strange and different now.

I was with AMARA, the next day, at the appointed hour. He led me to a room upstairs. It  was full of  incense smoke. There were big idols and huge mirrors. There was an intimate quietitude and a divine atmosphere. I looked  around quickly as AMARA smiled.

“No. You cannot see the RISHI who is here now. He is  in his ASTRAL BODY. “

I glanced around again  quickly without expecting to  see the RISHI. He must have been there ! The place was  vibrant with a divine presence.  I could touch him  mentally.

I sat down in front of  AMARA and waited.

AMARA gave me very  clear instructions about  MEDITATION:

” MEDITATION is  silencing. We silence the entire  system .. Body, Mind and  intellect :  gradually.  In silence, many inner  processes begin. First, the system  gets cleansed. Then it is prepared to  go through higher experiences which  will eventually transform us into higher beings. We will be gradually linked to  our Source and receive all knowledge  about ourselves,  this creation, birth,  death etc., directly. “

” Is ‘ MEDITATION’ concentration? ” I asked.

“No. It is beyond concentration. It is a ‘journey in consciousness’ as  we advance. “

” But, I have read in books … “

” I know … there are many distortions. But, my knowledge is from the RISHIS. It  is they who  taught humanity MEDITATIONS  in the beginning, thousands of years ago.  They are the Original Masters. I will explain more, later. Now, close your eyes  and fix your gaze at your mid-brow point.  The RISHI here will charge you with spiritual energy, initiating you into MEDITATION. “

I closed my eyes, fixed  my gaze and waited. Then, I felt a wave of energy,  descending on me and  then,  I lost my consciousness.  When I opened my eyes,  AMARA smiled. And one hour  had passed!

I went home dazed but with a very pleasant state of  mind. Thus, my journey  in consciousness began.

I began meeting AMARA regularly on Friday  evenings as suggested by him. I would wait all  the week for this precious hour with him. He would  check up and guide my MEDITATIONS and pass on  rare  knowledge that thousands of years of TAPAS  would not have helped me gather. He explained  things not found in books and gave me the whole  Science of Meditation!

AMARA was “Ambarisha Varma Desai ” of  the Kaujalagi royal family. He was born, in  Bengaluru, in the year 1919, in the very house where Sir C.V. Raman lived,  later on. He studied in  Bengaluru and then in Madras  ( Chennai ) for a degree in  Science. He did not work for his  living at any time. His people  were very rich. When the land  reforms were introduced, they  lost most of their lands and  property.

AMARA was married and had a daughter. His only  brother died young.

Once he was considered for the position of an Ambassador which he  declined, to continue his work with the RISHIS,  both on this physical plane and the Astral.

He always spoke about his work, the RISHIS‘ MEDITATION and about the rare spiritual knowledge  that he gathered along with the RISHISbut he  spoke rarely about himself. For me, his spiritual  part was  more fascinating.

‘ MEDITATION ‘ was not easy !

It was harder than I expected. First, it was  the pain in the knee joints. Then the thoughts,  waves of  them, bursting against the thin wall of  silence. And then the mind, ever engaged in  aimless pursuits. I was disheartened soon.

AMARA led me step by step, holding my hand, guiding and encouraging. Now, looking back, I  realize how difficult it must have been for him ! Patience and Love were part of his Divine nature. He explained that all those obstacles that were  pushing me back were a part of the process.

They were all natural blocks. I had to cross  them like every other beginner .. failing, struggling learning and moving on. Steadfast adherence and  unrelenting efforts had no  substitutes. I tried and tried and  made progress gradually.

AMARA was a spiritual scientist. He had the developed special faculties like the Third- eye, the  Astral travel, entry into other dimensions,  communicating with the Light  Beings in any corner of the Cosmos from here and several  other faculties. He had also reached the highest  point in spirituality from where he could directly  commune with GOD.

He was not a mere psychic or a man with  unusual capabilities. He had also realized GOD.  He was a master like Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Ramana or Aurobindo. And yet,he lived like a normal  human being in the sea of  life. He laughed, joked, enjoyed cricket, drove a  car, appreciated good literature, good films and  classical music. First human, then divine .. he  would always insist.

He lived a very sensible and mature life. He was undoubtedly a perfect Being … a Great Master.

Around the year 1930, he had predicted that this country would get freedom in the year 1947  and that Mahatma Gandhi would be shot dead in  the year 1948. No one took him seriously then. They laughed and forgot him till the events occurred. He knew everything like a great RISHI. And yet, when someone asked once, if he could  get the job he had applied for, he answered:

” I don’t know ! “

He explained to us, later on, that it was  necessary for that individual to go through the experience of the interview and waiting.

But, I had also witnessed him answering such  questions sometimes. Then, he explained:

 ” If a person is very weak and about to collapse, we have to help him! We cannot follow only one law.  There are others! “

I could not resist my temptation and  interrupted AMARA to ask : ” Are you a  channel? ” AMARA did not reply. He just smiled.

I remember AMARA describing himself as a  worker of the Rishis many times .. but, I realize  now that he was not only a channel, a worker, a  Rishi .. but much more. I do not find words to  describe him. once, I remarked to him .. ” You  must be a very special person ! ” He replied .. Everyone is special here. Otherwise, we cannot  work with the SAPTA RISHIS. “

Nothing comes on a platter. A year of sadhana made me realize this very clearly. I was  not proud of my MEDITATIONS but, I was also not unhappy. I also realized that having a clear goal  in the search saves a lot of time.

Right  from  my  younger  days,  I was searching   for  something  that  I could  not  define .. could not even comprehend vaguely. I read, painted and watched life flowing, unaffectedly. I keenly read about the struggles of the Spiritual Masters in the hope of a light. There were also temptations for the, now romanticized, spiritual escapades into the distant Himalayas and caves. But, I had my binding responsibilities .. I could not just run away.

When I met AMARA, I was not solely in search  of the ABSOLUTE, I also had problems.. of money  .. of family. I was in search of a magical wand  that would quickly vapourize all my problems, so  that I could continue my aimless search in books and films, weaving dreams in the long hours of  tedious journeys in city buses and loneliness.

When my problems reached the peak, one  day, I told AMARA :

” I can’t suffer any more I will commit  suicide. “

AMARA was not shocked; he knew all. In a  voice without any trace of emotion, he  explained:

” You cannot escape from your  karmas. Face life. This body is a vehicle, gifted by GOD. Don’t  destroy it. “

AMARA did not give me a magic formula or a  ” mantra “. But, he must have passed on strong  spiritual energies. I returned home strong and  sensible. The problems diminished slowly. One  day, when we went for a walk,  I asked him:

” Did you help me in any  way? “

He replied, after a few  silent steps :

” We always help  when a person  genuinely wants to grow  spiritually.  But, we do  not speak about it. If we do, people will come with all their problems only for the help, and not  for their spiritual awakening! “

” But, if you solve our problems, it will be  easy to take up sadhana. “

“ We have tried that! People  came again with more problems !  There was no end. That is why we do  not interfere with karmas and the  learning process. The problems  come to teach us lessons. 

” Then, what is the use of MEDITATIONS? “

” We don’t meditate only to solve  our problems. MEDITATIONS take us  to the Highest  Truth. On the way to  the Truth, all problems vanish. MEDITATIONS burn out all our karmas. Stick to MEDITATIONS whatever may  come. You will attain your goal the ultimate freedom: MUKTI. “

” Is that my goal? “

” It is everyone’s goal. Many are  not aware of it. After a long search  and struggle, we  realize it. We have bound ourselves to things, people and  even ideas.

We have to free ourselves .. have to detach and gain,  freedom to go out of this plane first,  then roam in other planes and finally  go back to our SOURCE·· GOD. That is the final part·· the MUKTI. “

” By going back, are we not surrendering our freedom there ? “

“No, we are free to come down again!

” Do SOULS come down again? “

” Yes, some do. “

Meeting AMARA was like entering into a University. He never held classes but every hour  spent with him enriched us with such rare  knowledge that books of this world did not contain.  Once, I asked him:

” Should this knowledge not reach others? “

He replied immediately, as if he had  addressed this point thoroughly many times  earlier:

” It will reach but gradually. This  Earth is now passing through a Shift  in  consciousness. RISHIS are  bringing down new energies that open  up new brain cells. Men will be able  to grasp new and higher knowledge  gradually. Now, those who are ready  will somehow get the knowledge of the  New Age. Remember, there are many  channels and centres of RISHls all  over the world. “

” Please tell me more about the ‘ New  Age’. “

” Old scriptures and mystics  speak of this. We know about  Yugas : Satya, Treta, Dwapara and  Kali Yugas. This is a cycle that repeats. This Earth has gone through  28 cycles so far. The 28th ended in the year 1974. “

” From, 14th March 1974, the  29th cycle has begun. We are in  SATYA YUGA which is called’ Golden

Age ‘ when men will live like Gods,  reaching the highest spiritual condition of purity and perfection. “

” But life around us now is most corrupt! “

“ That is true. Yes we have to  understand that no change is sudden.  Look at the sun-rise. First,  there is  the dawn and then the sun-rise. There  is always a transitory period. Here, the transitory period from Kali Yuga to SATYA YUGA is 432 years from the  year 1974. We are just at the  beginning. But, even now, we can  observe the changes at a subtler level. There is a new  awareness .. an  awakening of Consciousness.  People are turning inwards : turning  to Yoga, particularly MEDITATIONS. By  the turn of the century, there will be  major changes. ’’

I entered the third year of sadhana ; it was  the year 1979.

My sadhana continued with the MEDITATIONS on Chakras during this year. There were ups and downs. AMARA explained them as “Natural “: like  day and night. Perseverance was the key. I did  not have many experiences with MEDITATIONS like  others. Some experiences  that I had were good.  AMARA  explained some and smiled  at others. He used to tell  everyone:

” Experiences do not measure your sadhana. If you do  not have experiences, do not worry.  Remember, sometimes the mind  itself will project experiences! Never  go after experiences. Then, you will  be deviating from sadhana. “

” What exactly should we go after, in  sadhana? “

” In MEDITATIONS .. silence.  During silence, spiritual processes  occur by themselves at different  levels. While not meditating, you  have to make efforts to transform  yourselves by cultivating all good  qualities and bringing out the DIVINE  LOVE from the deepest level of your  existence. “

” Why do you give so much importance to  MEDITATION? “

” Because, that is the ultimate  step in sadhana which enables us to directly experience and realize GOD. D0 not ask how this helps in our daily life. MEDITATIONS take us nearer to GOD. Our experiencing Him brings wisdom and enormous inner strength. We will  never be the same  after that. Then, we will  take proper decisions  in life and choose the right things. These  help us attend to any  problem and face any situation without  losing our peace  within. We will be  happy and peaceful.  What more do we  require? “


Following are a few conversations that took place between Maharshi AMARA and Guruji krishnananda on some vital issues pertaining to present  society and spirituality. A few excerpts from his magnificent book ” Master-Pupil Talks “.

Krishnananda : ” Sir! Corruption of values  in society is so deep that it has become a part of  life. There appears to be no hope of a clean life and a better future. “

AMARA : ” The future is going to be better  definitely. A corruption-free tomorrow will  come  shortly.

Krishnananda : ” Mere wishes do not  change things! “

AMARA : ” It is not just a ‘ wish ‘ ! It is the  order in the nature. The tomorrow ahead  throws out  all corruption and the corrupt. A  special energy is being generated. Forget that and let us look at ourselves instead of talking about the society. We can start cleaning ourselves, to begin with. If everyone does it,  then the public life will be clean. “

Krishnananda : ” I think this is impossible sir. For example .. an official tries to be clean. All  the corrupt officials around him harass him. How  can he survive? “

AMARA : ” Like Gandhi. “

” Everyone is not a Gandhi. ”  AMARA: “Everyone can be. That is what I  am trying to explain to all of you. There is a  source of energy within .. in every one. If you  can tap this out .. If you can make use of it ..  then every one of you rise to become Gandhis.  Do not take my words lightly. You have not  made the attempt so far-That is all. “

Krishnananda : ” How to tap this energy? “

AMARA : ” To begin with by MEDITATION. “

Krishnananda : ” Sir! You are talking about, Pralaya ‘frequently these days. Is there any  significance can you explain this Sir? “

AMARA : ” Pralaya ‘ means change. Soon  there will be a big change brought in by Time and  other forces that are specially released CHANGE all over .. in nature and in you. The  animals, birds, trees etc., accept the change  with least resistance. It is only the humans who resist. “

Krishnananda : ” What happens if we resist  the change ? “

AMARA : “We perish. “

Krishnananda : ” But, if the change is for good why would we resist it ? “

AMARA : ” Change detaches all links. We  have to give up the old ways of life to accept  the new ways. We have to cut off the attachments. That will be difficult  always. “

Krishnananda: ” How to cut off the attachments? “

AMARA : ” By understanding that all these  things around us are like toys. How long can  we play with the toys ?! “

Krishnananda : ” Till we grow. “

AMARA : “Exactly.. we have to grow. “

Krishnananda : ” How to grow? “

AMARA : ” To begin with, by MEDITATION. “

Krishnananda : ” Sir! How important is  MEDITATION? “

AMARA : “As important as breathing. “

Krishnananda : ” Is it a must for everyone? “

AMARA : ” Yes, ‘from now on ” it is must  for everyone. “

Krishnananda : ” Why do you say , from  now on ‘ Sir? “

AMARA : “Because, the Time has changed, We are advancing into the ‘ New Age ‘.  And,  MEDITATION is the way – to know,  to grow. “

Krishnananda : ” But there are only a few  Meditators ! “

AMARA : ” There will be many soon. And, gradually everyone joins. “

Krishnananda : ” What exactly prompts everyone to join? “

AMARA : ” The ‘ Time ‘. Remember, we  are in the ‘ New Age ‘. Our Earth is being flooded by a  special energy to bring the New Age. This opens up some new brain cells. Man  will no more be satisfied with things of  pleasure and comfort. He will seek more. The  ultimate’ alone’ satisfies him. MEDITATION  takes him there. “

Krishnananda : ” Sir! I am not happy with my MEDITATION. I am not progressing. “

AMARA : ” How do you know that you are  not progressing ? “

Krishnananda: ” I do not really know.”

AMARA : ” What is the progress you are expecting ? “

Krishnananda : “(silence)  “

AMARA : ” You see! How we presume! “

Krishnananda : ” I am not getting Experiences  as others. “

AMARA : ” Experiences ‘ ! Remember always. Experiences do not indicate progress. “

Krishnananda : ” Then what do they indicate Sir? “

AMARA : ” Nothing. They are like trees or  buildings that you see while travelling in a  bus. If you do not see a tree or a building for some time, it does not mean that you are not moving. Some have experiences and some  do not. Those who do not have these  experiences will also be moving.

Krishnananda : ” Then how do we know that we are moving in the right direction? “

AMARA : ” You need to know! Your  spiritual guides will be knowing about it. They watch, help and lead you throughout.Leave everything to them. There is little you can do except MEDITATION. They take care of everything else. “

Krishnananda : ” But, it is very difficult .. I  mean, to continue the practices not knowing where we stand. “

AMARA : ” Yes I understand -it is difficult.. to have faith .. to surrender. Spiritual path is  difficult. But, nobody forces you to take it up. “

Krishnananda :  (silence)

AMARA : ” A child has faith in the parents. You have to become a child .. INNOCENT·· that  is, if you really want to learn anything .. anywhere. “

 Material excerpted from the book “Master-Pupil Talks “ by Krishnananda  .. 

published by Manasa Light Age Foundation .. grateful acknowledgments .

 No Copyright. Please spread the message of Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarianism and Spiritual Science to the whole world

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