OSHO was born in Kuchwada, a small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, on December 11th, 1931 to noble Jaina parents. He was the all India debating champion and Gold Medal winner during his graduation period. OSHO became enlightened at the age of twenty one ! After nine year stint as a professor of philosophy at the University of Jabalpur, he left the job to travel round the world giving talks, challenging orthodox religious and traditional beliefs and shocking the status quo. Speeches given by OSHO to his disciples and seekers of Truth all over the world have been published in more than six hundred and fifty volumes and translated into over thirty languages.


“ I Just had a golden Experience…! And it also reminds me of my golden child-hood.

“ First, one has to choose one’s birth. That’s almost impossible. Unless you have died in a state of meditation you cannot choose your birth … that choice only opens for the meditator. He dies consciously, hence earns the right to be born consciously.

I died consciously; Not in fact died, but was killed. I would have died three days later but they could not wait, not even for three days. People are in such hurry. You will be surprised to know that the man who killed me is now my sannyasin.

“ I waited seven hundred years for the right moment, and I thank existence that I found it. Seven hundred years are nothing compared to the millions and millions of years ahead. Only seven hundred years .. yes, I am saying only .. and I chose a very poor couple but a very intimate one. ”

“ Golden Period ”

I am a vagabond. I have never done anything for the family. They are not obliged to me at all. They have done everything for me. I had chosen this couple not without good reason .. for their love, their intimacy, their almost oneness. “ For most of my very early years, I lived with my mother’s parents. Those years are unforgettable. Even if I reach to Dante’s paradise I will still remember those years.

A small village, poor people, but my grandfather .. I mean my mother’s father .. was a generous man. He was poor, but rich in his generosity. He gave to each and everyone whatsoever he had. I learned the art of giving from him.

“ My grandfather wanted the greatest astrologers in India to make my birth chart. He made the long journey to Varanasi and saw the famous men. Looking at the notes and dates my grandfather had brought, the greatest astrologer of them all said :

“ I am sorry, I can only make this birth chart after seven years. If the child survives then I will make his chart without any charge, but I don’t think he will survive. If he does it will be a miracle, because then there is a possibility for him to become a Buddha. ”

“ When I was seven an astrologer came to my grandfather’s village searching for me ”.

“ So you are still alive ? I have made your birth chart. I was worried, because people like you don’t survive long. ”

“ My grandfather sold all the ornaments in the house just to give a feast for all the neighbouring villages, to celebrate that I was going to become a Buddha.

“ My grandmother gave me many things .. one of the most important was her insistence that I should go to Khajuraho. In those days Khajuraho was absolutely unknown. But she insisted so much that I had to go. She was stubborn. Perhaps I got that quality from her, or you may call it a dis-quality.

“ If I wanted to drink wine, she would supply it. She would say, “ Unless you drink  totally  you cannot  get rid of it. ” And I know that is the way to get rid of anything at all. Whatsoever I wanted she arranged. ”

“ Death is not the end ”

“ My grandfather, When he died in my lap my Nani did not even weep. I asked her, he is dead. You loved him. Why are you not weeping?

She said : “ Because of you. I don’t want to weep before a child ” She was such a woman ! .. “ and I don’t want to console you. If I start weeping myself then naturally you will weep; then who is going to console whom ? ”

“ Death is not the end but only the culmination of one’s whole life, a climax. It is not that you are finished, but you are transported to another body.

“ That is one of the lessons, the greatest lesson I learned from my grandfather’s death.

“ In that moment something great happened.

“ When a man dies in Tibet, they repeat a certain mantra. That mantra is called ‘ Bardo ’. The mantra says to him :

“ Relax, be silent. Go to your center, Just be there .. don’t leave it whatsoever happens to the body. Just be a witness. Let it happen, don’t interfere. ”

“ I repeated the Bardo Thodal for my dying grandfather without even knowing what I was doing. It was strange .. not only that I repeated it, but also that he became utterly silent listening to it.

“ I had thousands of books. Even when I was just a student in high school, I had thousands of books in my house. My whole house was full of books. ”

“ Destiny is strange. I have never harmed anyone in my life, not even in my dreams. I am absolutely vegetarian. But as destiny would have it, from my very child- hood I have been followed by a guard. Even today my guards are always either ahead or behind, but always there.

“ I cannot forget Jesus. I remember him more than any Christian in the world. Jesus says :

“ Blessed are those who are like little children, for theirs is the kingdom of God.”

“ Magga Baba ”

“ I have met many more remarkable men than GURDJIEFF recounts in his book Meetings with Remarkable Men.

“ His real name is not known, nor his real age, but he was called “ Magga Baba ”.

“ Magga Baba was certainly one of the most remarkable men that may ever have lived on this planet. He was really one of the chosen ones. You can count him with JESUS, BUDDHA, LAO TZU.

“ I have had the fortune to be loved by many strange people. Magga Baba is the first on my list.

“ I visited him almost every night without fail, under his neem tree.

I was the only person to whom he used to speak, but only in privacy, when nobody else was present. I would go to him deep in the night, perhaps two O’clock in the morning.

Magga Baba never said anything about his own life, but he said many things about life. He was the first man who told me :

“ Life is more than what it appears to be. Don’t judge by its appearances but go deep down into the valleys where the roots of life are.”

“ He would suddenly speak, and suddenly he would be silent.

“ He helped me tremendously although he never gave any directions except by his very being. Just by his very presence he triggered unknown forces in me, unknown to me. I am most grateful to this man Magga Baba, and the greatest blessing of all was that I, a small child, was the only one to whom he used to speak.

“ The day he left for the Himalayas was the first time he called me.

Magga Baba said : “ I am leaving and there is nobody whom I could call to say good-bye to. You are the only one. ” He hugged me, kissed my forehead, said good-bye and went away, just like that.

That night, before he disappeared he told me, “ I may not be able to see you blossom to a flower but my blessings will be with you. It may not be possible for me to return. I am going to the Himalayas ”.

“ Elephant Gate ”

“ I was a rebel from the very first day that I was taken to school. The moment I saw the gates I asked my father, “ Is it a jail or a school? ”

“ I am standing before the Elephant Gate of my primary school .. and that gate started many things in my life.

“ I stood looking at the gate, and my father just asked me, “ Are you impressed by this great gate ? ”

“ I said to my father, “ No ”. That was my first word before entering primary school, and you will be surprised, it was also my last word on leaving the university.

“ Its name was the University of Sagar. Sagar means ‘ Ocean ’. Sagar has a tremendously beautiful lake, so big that it is not called a lake, but sagar, an ocean.

“ This was the second gate I remember. When I left the university I was standing by the gate with my old professor, Sri Krishna Saxena.

“ I didn’t care a bit about that gold medal. I threw it down a very deep well,I did it in front of Doctor Sri Krishna Saxena.

“ The first gate was the Elephant Gate, and I was standing with my father not wanting to enter. And the last gate was also an Elephant Gate, and I was standing with my old professor, not wanting to enter again. Once was enough; twice would have been too much. ”

“ Synchronicity ”

“ Once I was listening to one of the greatest flutists, Hariprasad. It stirred many memories in me.

“ And Hariprasad is certainly a master as far as the flute is concerned.

Once I said :

“ It is a joy to hear you, your flute, your song. In themselves they are great, but particularly so because they remind me of the man who introduced us. Do you remember that man ? ”

“ He had completely forgotten who had introduced him to me, and I can understand .. it must have been forty years ago.

“ I reminded him of the man, and he became just tears .. his name is Pagal Baba. ”

“ Pagal Baba ”

“ Pagal Baba was one of those remarkable men. He was of the same category as Magga Baba. He was known just as Pagal Baba .. ‘ pagal ’ means ‘ the mad ’. He came like a wind, always suddenly, and then disappeared as suddenly as he had come.

“ Pagal Baba used to hit for no reason at all. Somebody may have been just sitting silently by his side, and he would give the person a good slap. The person had not done anything, he had not even said anything. Sometimes people would object that it was unjust, and say to Pagal Baba, “ Baba, why did you hit him ? ”

He would laugh and say : “ You know I am pagal, a mad man. ”

“ The first awakened man who recognized me was Magga Baba. The second was Pagal Baba, and the third was more strange than even I could have imagined. The man was called Masta Baba. ”

“ My best masto ”

“ Masta Baba was superb, just superb, and just the way I like a man to be. He was exactly as if made for me. We became friends even before Pagal Baba introduced us.

“ Masto looked like a GOD who had come to Earth. I loved him without any reason of course, because love cannot have any reason. I still love him. I don’t know whether he is alive or not, because on 22nd March, 1953, he disappeared. He just told me he was going to the Himalayas.

“ He said, “ My responsibility is fulfilled as far as I had promised Pagal Baba. Now you are what you potentially were. Now I am no longer needed. ”

“ Seven days before 21st March, 1953, I stopped working on myself.

“ A moment comes when you see the whole futility of effort. And the day I was not expecting something to happen, it started happening. A new energy arose out of no- where. It was every-where. And I had been seeking it far away. The day effort ceased, I also ceased… !

“ For seven days, I lived in a hopeless and helpless state.

“ When I say hopeless I simply mean there was no hope in me. I was not hopeless and sad. I was tranquil, calm and centered .. both hope and hopelessness had disappeared .. it was not just absence, a presence was felt .. I was in a bottomless abyss. There was no fear because there was nothing to protect, nobody to be afraid.

“ Those seven days were of tremendous transformation !

“ And the last day the presence of a new energy, a new delight became so intense that it was unbearable .. as if I was  exploding.  As the  Westerners say, I was blissed out…

“ The whole day was a shattering experience. The past was disappearing, as if I had dreamed about it. I was becoming a ‘non- being’, what Buddha calls ‘anatta’. Distinctions were disappearing.

“ Mind was disappearing ! ”

“ By the evening, it became difficult to bear, it was so painful, like birth pangs. It became impossible to remain awake. Something was going to happen, may be my death, but there was no fear…

“ I went to sleep at about eight. It was not like sleep. Now I can understand what Pathanjali means when he says that sleep and samadhi are similar. Only with one difference .. in samadhi you are asleep and awake together and a light of awareness burns within you.

The body was asleep, I was awake ! It was as if one was torn into two dimensions, as if I was both the polarities together .. the positive and negative were meeting .. death and life were meeting. You can never be the same after that experience !

“ Around mid-night my eyes suddenly opened. I felt a great presence in the room, a throbbing life, almost like a hurricane, a great storm of light, joy, ecstasy. I was drowning in it.

“ Everything became unreal because now there was reality for the first time. This is what the Buddha means when he says :

“ The world is a mirage ”

“ There is a reality. Once you come to know it, this so called reality simply becomes unreal .. There is an awakening .. that night, for the first time, I understood the meaning of maya.

“ Suddenly it was there, the really real, or whatever you want to call it GOD, ‘ Truth ’, ‘ Dhamma ’ or ‘ Tao ’. It was too much ! It will suffocate me !

“ I came out in the street. Immediately the feeling of being suffocated disappeared. I walked towards a garden. It was a totally new walk, I was feeling weight-less.

“ For the first time I was not alone, the drop has fallen into the ocean ! Now the whole ocean was mine, I was the ocean. It was almost one o’ clock in the night. Something was pulling me towards the garden. It was there, call it God .. God was there !

The moment I entered the garden everything became luminous ! I could see the whole garden alive, even the small grass leaves ! I looked around. One tree was tremendously luminous .. the maulshree tree ! It pulled me towards itself ! As I sat under the tree, things started settling. The whole universe became a benediction !

“ It is difficult to say how long I was in that state. When I went back home, it was four in the morning, so I must have been there atleast three hours, but it was infinity ! It was timeless ! It was the virgin reality .. uncorrupted, untouchable, immeasurable !

“ Since that night I have never been in the body ! I am hovering around it !

“ I became tremendously powerful and at the same time fragile. It was not the strength of a rock but of a rose flower, so fragile, so sensitive, so delicate. Or, the strength of a dew- drop shining in the morning Sun .. so beautiful, so precious, and yet it can slip away any moment.

“ Buddhas have a strength which is not of this world. Their strength is totally of love. There is the strength of life, not of death. Their power is that of compassion.

“ The day I left university service, the first thing I did was to burn all my certificates and diplomas, and the whole nonsense that I had carried all along, neatly piled.

“ My whole life I have been trying to burn these certificates, but I could not because they were always needed. Now there is no need : I can again be as uneducated as when I was born.

For many lives, I had been working upon myself, and nothing was happening. Now I understand why. The very urge to seek was the obstacle. There comes a point when seeking has to be dropped.

OSHO left his body on 19th January, 1990.

Source : “ Glimpses of a Golden Childhood ” by Osho

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