Dada Lekhraj was born in the year 1876 in Hyderabad, Sindh (now in Pakisthan) to the Kripalani family. Dada Lekhraj was a millionaire and a member of a well-established religious family. In the year 1936, at the age of 60, Dada Lekhraj began getting several trance-like visions. In one such vision he saw Vishnu and various forms of Narayana. In another experience, he saw awful scenes of destruction. He felt that a voice, in one such vision, was telling him that he would be instrumental in laying the foundation of a new world order based on peace and a spirit of brother-hood. In October 1937, “ Om Radha ” and eight other women formed a Trust Committee for the new institution, which was called the “ Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya ”.. “ The Brahma Kumaris world Spiritual University ”.


“ The year 1876 ”

“ Dada Lekhraj ” was born in the year 1876 in Sindh to the Kripalani family, who were devotees of the Vallabhacharya sect of the Hindu religion.

Dada’s father was a schoolmaster by profession, but his son decided early not to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“ Diamond trade ”

Dada began his career in a small way as a merchant of wheat and he saved all he could from his meagre earnings. When he had set aside sufficient funds to embark on a more ambitious enterprise, he entered the diamond trade.

Almost by instinct, he developed great expertise in discriminating the value of different gems. In a very short time, his reputation grew and his business became more and more profitable. In time, rajas and maharajas of the native states of India, as well as the British Viceroy became his clients and his friends.

The King of Nepal and the King of Valaipur treated him as an honoured guest. He was invited to all court functions and was afforded the utmost respect.

“ Great devotee of Narayan ”

From his child-hood, Dada was a great devotee of Narayan. He was so fond of remembering this deity king .. whom he thought to be a form of God .. that he used to keep pictures of Narayan in his hall of worship.

In the bazaars through which Dada passed, colour pictures were sold of Narayan.

Sometimes the pictures would show Narayan in a supine posture with Lakshmi, his queen, massaging his legs as though she were a maid. Dada did not like this picture. Surely, he thought, such an idea could not enter the mind of such a deity king.

Dada felt that the capacity of women was not one iota less than that of men and that it was ridiculous to treat them less than equally. Such were his feelings that he sought to find the painter of the offending pictures and commissioned him to re-paint them to show the equal elevation of the divine couple.

” Faith in the gurus “

Dada’s devotion was consistent and fearless. Whether in the midst of a business deal, or in some domestic function, when the time came to perform his worship, he never missed the opportunity. Even while travelling he read the prescribed chapter from the Shrimad Bhagvad Gita. Dada believed in the Gita implicitly.

Dada also put aside some time to go on pilgrimages. He visited Thandura, Amarnath, Prayag, Vrindavan, and Kashi. He often invited wandering sadhus and sannyasis to be his house-guests overnight. Always, Dada was bursting with life. He was a happy man. He had great faith in his own ‘ gurus ’ and he used to spend thousands of rupees holding receptions for them.

Dada obeyed even the slightest command of his guru, regardless of the circumstance. Once, on the occasion of the name giving ceremony for his grandchild, to which many famous personalities had been invited, Dada suddenly received a wire from his guru that there was some urgent work for him and to come soon. Dada told his wife, Jashoda, to call off dinner and prepare his clothes, because he had to go. Jashodaji could not believe it. “ How can you go away on such an occasion ? ” Dada then said :

“ To hear words coming from the guru is like hearing words from the Lord of Death. If Death comes, could I tell him to wait by saying that today is the day of the naming of my grandchild ? ”

Dada’s religious devotion and his right-minded thoughts were mature and powerful whatever the occasion. When his daughters and nieces married, he held for each of them a ceremony, called Paharamani, in which clothes and household items would be given to new in-laws .. but Dada gave them diamonds, ornaments of gold inset with precious stones, and other beautiful jewellery worth tens of thousands of rupees.

“ Happy , Contented Millionaire .. ”

Dada was a millionaire and a member of an old and well established family. Having attained such a status, it was expected that he would marry his daughters into equally wealthy and renowned houses. Instead, when the time came for one of his daughters ‘ Puttu ’ to marry, he chose for her a young headmaster ‘ Bodhraj ’ of the local school. The schoolmaster came from an ordinary family, while Dada’s daughter was beautiful, intelligent and rich.

Dada could have had his pick of the most eligible bachelors in India for his daughter to marry, but he himself greatly respected Bodhraj because he was a religious man. Puttu had picked up much of the wisdom of her father and understood the value of having a spiritual man as a husband. In fact, the headmaster had earned the title ‘ Yogi Raj ’ within the community, thanks to his untiring love for meditation.

Graceful, and seemingly always in motion, that was Dada Lekhraj. He had his diamond shop in Calcutta and he also conducted business in Bombay. He owned houses in both cities as well as a residence in Hyderabad. At all three places, he lived at ease as the head of his family, a man at the height of his powers. And he was happy.

It was the custom in India for men with religious inclinations as powerful as Dada’s, to go away to the forest and live as renunciates. But though Dada’s devotion to GOD was deep and unwavering, he never entertained the idea of leaving home for the seclusion of a Vanprastha ashram.

“ Ripe age of sixty years ”

When Dada turned sixty years of age, his wife Jashoda said, “ Now we ought to go away, to some lonely spot and accept the Vanprastha life. ”

Dada thought this over. “ Wait, ” he said :

“ I have earned so many hundreds of thousands of rupees. Let me double the amount of our savings and then we shall become Vanprasthis. ”

His idea was to work for two to four years more and then to give his great wealth in donation to the needy and to spend his final years in devotion.

“ Man proposes, God disposes ”

But as the proverb states, “ Man proposes, God disposes ”, for suddenly, something happened in Dada’s mind. All worldly attachment dropped away.

He began to receive indescribable experiences within himself. From that point on, Dada wanted only to be left alone. He spent his time in contemplation and thinking.

One day, while Dada was sitting in the back hall of his bungalow with a group of fellow disciples of his guru, he began to get a strange experience. He recognized these unique inner sensations now as the onset of a spiritual encounter but still he knew neither their cause nor purpose. He experienced a sense of heightened perception, a new clarity of mind and vision.

“ Divine intoxication ”

A powerful intuitive grasp of reality was growing in him. He went to his own room to get away from the company of his visitors.

As he sat alone, absorbed in the incomprehensible manifestations of a new level of being, he was filled with a divine intoxication. He had gone beyond all consciousness of his body, he was pure soul, pure light, afloat in an ocean of bliss.

Then he had a revelation .. a vision of the four-armed form of Vishnu.

Dada’s mind turned toward the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Incorporeal One. He realized at last that there is only one Satguru and that is GOD Himself. Only the one GOD can be the giver of grace, the bestower of divine perception and divine intellect. It was GOD who had sent him that shimmering vision of Vishnu.

“ Becoming l – i – g – h – t ”

Some days later, Dada went to another location on business and he took the opportunity to stay with a friend. He was walking through the grounds of the friend’s house when he suddenly remembered a spot where he used to come to practice devotion. Sitting there now, among the groves of trees, he again became detached from worldly matters. He was remembering GOD. And once again, he felt himself becoming light, leaving his body far behind. He understood that his previous experiences were not flukes, not mere flashes that would cease and leave him as he was before. Rather, a seed had been planted and it was growing continually growing inside of him. He was skillfully being prepared, through a series of successively deeper revelations, to receive the full truth, the absolute knowledge of GOD .. “the Supreme Soul.”

During this time, Dada wrote home a number of extraordinary letters, from which it was evident that something amazing, something unprecedented, was happening to him. Either he was going mad or .. was it possible .. he was actually receiving revelations from GOD ! Brahma Kumari Dadi Brijindraji writes about this period :

“ Dada wrote in one of his letters :

‘ There is an abundance of wealth, abundance of wealth ! I am trying to get it .. trying to get it ! ’

In the next letter, he wrote :

‘ Got the key .. I got it ! I got it ! ’

In this manner he wrote five letters to us. During those days, Dada received such divine experience that his letters seemed to vibrate in our hands ; we could feel his exalted condition. In the end, he wrote :

‘ Whatever was to be attained, I now have. Now, what remains to be achieved ? ’ ”

Finally, the day came. Dada received a double revelation and the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle fell into place. First, a vision of jyotirlingam Shiva Paramatma. The vision of Shiva clinched his understanding of his own identity. The Supreme Soul is a Point of Light and his children are made in his image. Thus all of us are truly just such tiny forms, sparks of conscient light.

“ Winding up diamond business ”

Everything was now changed for Dada.He could no longer apply his mind to the diamond business. It simply held no interest. He decided to wind up his affairs and so he travelled to Calcutta. He had owned his shop there for so many years and yet now it all looked so strange to him, so pointless.

He walked down the aisles of his jewellery warehouse, looking at the trays filled with glittering diamonds, millions of dollars worth of gems, gleaming symbols of wealth and he felt that they were simply stones, worthless chunks of mineral. He shook his head and said :

“ This is a meaningless business ”

Dada, approaching his partner, spoke quietly :

“ Please release me from this business ”

The partner was somewhat shaken, for he was well aware that it was Dada who was the moving force behind the firm’s success. He asked what reasons lay behind Dada’s decision and how much and how much of a share he would ask for to be bought out. Dada gently consoled the man and said :

“ I am leaving because I need to be free. I feel that this business is a lie and so I am going. I have received a message from GOD. I want to use this money in Godly service. ”

Dada had an uncle, Mulchand Arala, known to everyone as Kaka Mulchand, a great philanthropist. Together, he and Dada used to dispense the donations. Just as Dada was beginning to clear the accounts with his business partner in Calcutta, a messenger came into the office with a wire from Sindh that Kaka Mulchand was ill. Dada left immediately without checking the accounts. Whatever letters and figures the partner’s lawyers gave him, he accepted as true. Dada sent a wire home that basically said :

“ Dada received God-realization and the partner received temporary royalty of worldly wealth. ”

Then he boarded the train to visit his sick uncle. Dada’s family were thoroughly confused. They couldn’t believe he’d sold the business just like that.

When he disembarked in Sindh, Dada Lekhraj was a completely changed man.

“ Only body dies, not the soul ”

Kaka Mulchand died before Dada was able to reach him. Some days later though, Dada had a vision, while sitting alone in his office Dada saw the moment of Kaka’s death. He saw the soul take its leave of the body, exit through the forehead. He saw this life energy rise like mercury in a thermometer, moving up from the toes and finally concentrating in the head. Then in an instant, the soul departed. Dada now understood the process of death .. Only the body died, he saw clearly .. not the soul.

“ You are that ”

Within a week of the vision of Kaka Mulchand’s death, Dada received yet another revelation. This time he saw the deity Vishnu once again, who spoke these words :

“ I am the four-armed one ..You are that. ”

Afterwards, other visionary figures appeared .. ‘ Shri Krishna ’ .. ‘ Jagannathji ’ .. ‘ Badrinathji ’ and ‘ Kedarnathji ’ .. one after another .. each saying the same thing : “ You are that. ”

Dada reached a state of great happiness because of these revelations.

During this period, Dada’s guru showed up . Since Dada was still not quite sure what role the guru played in all these extraordinary experiences and, since the guru seemed the best human teacher he could rely on in such matters, he continued to treat him with the same respect as before.

“ Supreme soul .. Shiva .. in the body of Dada ”

Brahma Kumari Dadi Brijindraji, who had the good fortune to be there, writes about what happened on the night of this gathering :

“ The guru was lecturing, and Dada got up to leave. Never before had he done such a thing. My attention was drawn to Dada. I knew that something very powerful must have taken hold of him to make him act this way. I sent Jashodaji, his wife, to speak to him. Then I had the idea to go after him also. I went to Dada’s room and sat down near him. Jashoda returned to hear the guru’s lecture. I will never forget what happened next.

“ I saw that the eyes of Dada had become completely red, as if a red light was glowing inside him. His whole face had become red and even the room was illuminated with a reddish, otherworldly glow. And then something began to happen inside me, too ! I felt bodiless ! I was there and yet I wasn’t. I was simply light. My mind felt clearer than it ever had been. I heard a sound from above. It was as if, through the mouth of Dada, someone else was speaking ? That voice was so very quiet at first, then it grew louder and louder. It was stunning. Not frightening, but simple .. awe-inspiring. The voice spoke :

‘ Nijanand Rupam Shivoham Shivoham

Gyan Swarupam Shivoham Shivoham

Prakash Swarupam Shivoham


Nijanand Swarup, Gyan Swarup,

Prakash Swarup. ’

‘ I am the Blissful Self,

I am Shiva .. I am Shiva

I am the Knowledgeful Self,

I am Shiva .. I am Shiva

I am the Luminous Self,

I am Shiva .. I am Shiva

I am the form of self, the form of knowledge, the form of light. ’

“ The atmosphere was electric, more than real and my experience of feeling as if I was without a body is still alive in my memory. As soon as Dada opened his eyes, he started looking around with great wonder. Whatever he had seen had jolted him to the core of his being. I asked him, ‘ Baba, what are you seeing ? ’ He said :

‘ Do you know what that was ? It was Light ! It was Power ! And there was an altogether new world ! There was someone, far away .. there were many, they looked like stars and when the stars came down, they became princes and princesses ! The Light and Power said to me, “ you have to make such a world. ” ’

“ Who was that speaking to Dada ? It was the Highest of the High. I had witnessed the arrival of the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul .. Shiva .. in the body of Dada.”

Dada fell into deep, deep thought ; He immersed himself in the work of solving the mystery of this unparalleled event. “ Who was that ? What kind of power could give me such visions, such knowledge, such self-realization ? ” Gradually, he unravelled the logic and the implications of it all ; the secret was unveiled to his astounded intellect. Yes, it was really so .. God, the Supreme Soul “ Shiva ” himself, had entered his body.

“ Dada begins giving the knowledge ”

Once he had heard the secret voice of GOD, Dada began giving the knowledge to all his friends and relatives.

When he revealed to them that they were souls, they were overjoyed, experiencing God’s love as it poured directly from Dada’s eyes. It was an experience so powerful that they were mesmerized. And Dada himself was utterly intoxicated. He used to say to people simply :

“ You are a soul ”

That was enough. He wrote it also, so it would not be forgotten :

“ I am a soul .. Jashoda is a soul .. Radhika is a soul… ”

He wrote it over and over until it became firmly fixed in their minds.

“ re-awakening .. self-realization ”

As others came in contact with him, they too became transfixed. Men and women, rich and poor, all felt the experience. It was as if their lives were re-awakened .. they became self-realized. They experienced themselves as light. Along with this came peace of mind. Their worldly desires slipped away. They began to lead pure lives, pure in eating, drinking, speaking, behaving and thinking.

He educated these souls untiringly and even as their numbers grew, He gave love like a father, a completely self-less parent, with equal love for all .. patient, merciful and just. He also showed them rules and methods for making their lives as elevated and as valuable as they could possibly be. Shiv Baba was creating living diamonds.

“ Prajapita Brahma ”

When Shiv Baba entered Dada’s body, he renamed that soul with the name Prajapita Brahma (father of the people Brahma). All those who heard the knowledge which Shiv Baba spoke through Brahma’s mouth, became the mouth-born progeny, or Brahmins. And so, no matter what age they were, whether old mothers or teenagers, all who recognized him became his ‘ sweet children ’. They took the name ‘ Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris ’, the pure sons and daughters of Brahma.

And so an institution was created, out of the love of souls for God .. an institution of purification .. a sacrificial fire called a Yagya.

“ Special attention to women ”

Shiv Baba gave special attention to women because women were greatly oppressed by the social customs. He gave them encouragement and the power to overcome restrictive conditioning and to realize their full potential.

Among those who came to the satsang was “ Rukmini ” .. a lady from a very wealthy family. Her father-in-law was prominent in the local community.

Rukmini was very unhappy at this time, for her husband had just died. Her friends convinced her that she might find solace at Dada’s satsang. Hesitantly, she went there and sat before him and listened and immediately a change came over her. Dada’s manner and his words filled her with new courage. She went home in a profound state of happiness, and she advised her family to return with her the next day. “ Let us go to see ‘ Om Baba ’ ” .. she said.

When they saw what a transformation had come over her, Rukmini’s relatives became interested. “ Gopi ”, one of her daughters, went to the next satsang with her.

Immediately on seeing ‘ Om Baba ’ she felt that she was in the presence of GOD. The supreme Soul had come secretly into the body of Baba.

Gopi experienced many visions, including the realization of herself as a pinpoint of light.

She became known as “ Didi Manmohini ” and, along with “ Dadi Prakashmani ”, she became a co-administrator of the Brahma Kumaris until she left the body in July, 1983.

“ Birth of Om Mandali ”

In those days, it was the custom in Sindh that when anyone died, women of the family were to wear black clothes and spend their days in ritual weeping. Hirdaya Pushpa’s mother was caught in this same web of tradition, but after meeting Brahma Baba and experiencing the spiritual knowledge, she was able to put aside those burdens of social restraint. She overcame her shyness and her sense of limitation and broke away from all the rather dehumanizing customs which Indian women were subjected to. She threw out the dirty clothes she had been wearing and began to live in freedom and happiness.

Many women who listened to Brahma Baba’s liberating message found the courage to adopt these reforms. Overnight, they changed their outlook radically and sent shock waves through their families by displaying so much personal power over their own lives. It was an unheard of development in that custom-bound land.

The people of Sindh were amazed at the results and a general feeling of respect for “ Om Mandali ” grew in the community. Habits and social customs which were recognized to be bad .. but which no one had been able to change .. were overturned by this spiritual knowledge. Personal problems that people had experienced throughout their lives were resolved with Brahma Baba’s help. No wonder, then, that the fame of “ Om Mandali ” spread and many families began to send their daughters there for the satsang.

“ Baba’s right hand .. Om Radhe ”

One girl stood out from all the rest. She took the message completely to her heart.

Because of this total dedication, she transformed herself into one of the world’s most extraordinary personalities.

Her name was “ Radha ”, and they called her “ Om Radhe ”. She was discreet, compassionate and virtuous and her intellect was very powerful. She was able to digest the knowledge as no one else could, revising it in her mind and bringing out its many subtle implications.

In college also, she had always been first in her class. Now she was able to mobilize all her intellectual resources in the service of God and she became Brahma Baba’s right hand in the work of the upliftment of society. From the moment she first heard Brahma Baba speak the knowledge, she instantly recognized that here was the true meaning of life.

Before “ Om Radhe ” started coming to the satsang, or had ever met Brahma Baba, her presence had been pre-cognized. Once in a vision, Jashodaji, Baba’s wife, experienced that Radhe would be “ Empress Lakshmi ” in the future and that she, Jashoda, would give her the kingdom. Once Radhe arrived, the meaning of that vision became clear. For, Radhe quickly became a storehouse of knowledge and energy and so her name was changed to “ Jagadamba Saraswati ”, the world mother, the goddess of knowledge.

“ Dadi Nirmal Shantha ”

Brahma Baba did his best to interest his own relatives in taking Shiv Baba’s knowledge, believing that “ charity begins at home ”.

Baba’s wife and daughter-in-law had always been religiously minded and had always had the highest respect for Baba. They knew without doubt that someone else was regularly taking over Baba’s body and speaking through his mouth. And the power which that other personality was exerting was so intense, the guidance offered so high and noble, the language so poetic, the ideas so liberating, that it was clear to them that this could be none other than Shiva, the Supreme Soul, God.

They did their best to follow his directions. They practiced stabilizing themselves in soul consciousness. They made continuous efforts to integrate in their minds the various points of knowledge. They constantly worked on improving their level of virtue and detachment. Finding them well set on the right path, Baba’s attention turned to his older daughter.

Before Shiv Baba’s arrival, Brahma Baba had married her into a wealthy Sindhi family. Now, after acquiring the knowledge, he felt he had made a mistake tying her down into a relationship. He felt that it was his duty to show her the way of the knowledge.

Here is what his daughter, who is known as “ Dadi Nirmal Shantha ” has to say about experience :

“ Before becoming God’s instrument, my father’s life was really already full of princely decorum and devotion. So, Baba gave me in marriage to a person who was wealthy and of great prestige .. the Mukhi of the city.

“ A festival was being celebrated, and Baba invited me for dinner. When I got there, I saw a number of girls and mothers listening intently to the knowledge, while another group was enjoying a dance. It was not an ordinary dance, they seemed in a state of deep concentration. I saw peace, love and a unity with GOD on their faces. I felt the energy, the sense of grace, the power of purity that charged the atmosphere.

“ When the dance appeared to be over, I asked one of them what she had experienced. But I saw right away that show was still deep in that consciousness, far beyond sound and not yet able or ready to leave that happy place in order to explain. It must have been difficult for her even to speak. In a slow voice, she said : ‘ I will tell you tomorrow ’. I had a tremendous desire to hear what she would say. So I went to Baba and told him to send me the car tomorrow and I would come. Baba said, ‘ All right, daughter, let us see tomorrow ’. I didn’t feel happy with his answer. I said, ‘ Baba, why do you speak like this ? ’ Baba said, ‘ We have the idea to send the car but let us see what happens tomorrow. ’

“ I had been brought up with such complete attention, receiving everything I asked for, that I was unprepared for this response. Baba had never spoken to me before in such an ambiguous manner and, in my ignorance .. I took it to be an insult. Before, if I had told Baba to bring down the stars from heaven, he would have done so. Now he was hesitating even to offer me the use of the car. I got very angry and left the house. But, Baba followed me, put me in the car and drove me back to my father-in-law’s house, making sure I arrived safely.

“ Yet, I felt he was just trying to patch things up and as I got down from the car at my destination, I said in a huff, ‘ If you don’t send the car tomorrow, I will not come. ’ I remember very clearly what Baba said then, because it struck me to the quick. His eyes were laughing though his voice was subdued : ‘ Daughter, ’ he said, ‘ Would you really know what is going to happen tomorrow ? ’ I responded, ‘ Whatever happens tomorrow, we will see tomorrow ’. And, I went inside.

“ I fell asleep almost immediately, but around two or two-thirty in the morning I awoke with a start. A flood of light filled the room, an unearthly light. I knew it had no physical source. In the midst of the illumination was Baba. At first, I could not believe what I was seeing. When the vision faded, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep again. I told myself that because of my talk with Baba earlier that evening, he had come into my mind in such a powerful way, that it was nothing more than a kind of dream.

“ Yet, after a little, the room was once more inundated with divine light. It was beyond belief. But, I forced myself to sleep again. It was too much for my mind to comprehend. And yet there was to be no escape from the truth. For a third time, Baba appeared and this time Shri Krishna was standing beside him. Baba spoke to me in the sweetest tone I had ever heard :

“ Daughter ! Wake up ! You have to do the work of world upliftment ! ”

“ I fell asleep again with blissful feelings spreading throughout my mind. By morning, the visionary scene had repeated itself many times over in my consciousness and I felt I should go immediately to see Baba. But as soon as I tried to get out of bed, I began to feel such tremendous pain in my body that I fell back, helpless.

“ At sunset, Baba himself came to see me. When he came into the room I began to shed tears of love. I could not control myself. I was filled with repentance and recognition. I embraced him. ‘ Baba, ’ I said through my tears, ‘ now I have recognized you .. now I will do what you ask me to do. ’ From that day, I entered a new life. ”

“ Need for seclusion .. Kashmir ”

After serving to bring transformation to so many people in so short a time, Dada felt the need for seclusion. He took the family to Kashmir. Meanwhile, those who had been coming to the satsang continued to meet together to meditate and to discuss the knowledge. Brahma Baba regularly sent letters, one per day, to those who had been awakened.

When Baba returned from Kashmir, his eyes sparkled to see so many new souls present at the satsang. Meeting Brahma Baba was an unfailingly rewarding experience. To be in his presence was to be in peace. The coolness of his mind and senses made others also cool.

“ Brahma Baba’s gatherings ”

It was not just adults who received experiences at Brahma Baba’s gatherings. Even little children were lifted into bliss, enjoying visions of Satyug, the heavenly world to come. Many of those children remained with Brahma Baba from those early days growing up in the service of the Yagya, continually experiencing the joy of being near GOD.

Such were the responses of those whose lives were forever changed. The wealthy and the poor sat side by side in brother-hood. It was a simple satsang and yet it seemed a royal court somehow, like the court of Indra, the famous deity of Indian mythology.

The satsang continued to grow and, with the increase in numbers, a formal structure was needed. A variety of classes was necessary for the people at different levels of spiritual development. The knowledge had to be revised and organized into books so that it could be made available to the public. All this took administrative leadership and money.

Therefore, Brahma Baba appointed someone to be incharge and he donated all of his considerable fortune to furthering the spiritual academy.

“ Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya ”

In October 1937, “ Om Radhe ” and eight other women formed a Trust Committee for the new institution, which was called the “Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya” .. “ The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University ”.

“ Gave away entire wealth to the Trust ”

“ Om Radhe ” took charge of administrating the institution and she became the leading teacher.

Thereafter, Brahma Baba gave away his entire worldly wealth and property to the Trust Committee.

He gave the responsibility of the university’s affairs into the hands of the women. His sole task now was to faithfully fulfill the role of being God’s medium and to take responsibility for being a complete example of surrender to the will of GOD.

“ Om High School ”

Whole families were now joining Brahma Baba’s gathering and they wished that arrangements could be made for their small children to receive an education there, both conventional knowledge .. the skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic .. as well as the spiritual knowledge, in this peaceful environment. Practical subjects such as carpentry and sewing were also to be included.

Brahma Baba had also had this idea from the very beginning. For, if little children could be raised on the principles of purity and virtue, great benefit to the world could be accomplished through them. So plans went ahead and were quickly implemented.

A boarding school called “ Om High School ” was opened for children, using Brahma Baba’s own new house for the facilities.

The work of the spiritual university went on .. men, women and children continued taking the knowledge. Through the power of meditation they discovered the strength to transform their personal lives.

“ Karachi to Mount Abu ”

August, 1947 .. it was declared that India would be partitioned. Two or three years had passed since the relatives of the Yagya members had migrated to India from Pakistan.

In the year 1950, the children prepared to leave Karachi.

But the Yagya Children had Shiv Baba’s command to go to India so they made arrangements for passage by steamship from Karachi to Okha. They sold the buildings they had lived in.

There were four hundred Yagya members in those days. When their luggage was piled at Karachi port, a crowd of people gathered. Muslims and Pathans helped the four hundred white-clad yogis to embark.

“ Mount Abu ”

All the Yagya members disembarked at the port of Okha. From there, they went by train to Mount Abu. The whole mountain is a pilgrimage place for saints and sages and here is Prajapita Brahma’s secret memorial .. the lovely temple of Dilwara. In this shrine are two statues of Adi Dev One idol is black, one white, representing Brahma Baba’s transformation from impurity to perfection. In the temple’s inner walls are one hundred and eight niches, each containing a statue of a yogi in meditation. An atmosphere of solitude and silence prevails.

“ God’s works goes on .. ‘ Madhuban ’ ”

Speedily, God’s work went on. The Yagya had been in Sindh for thirteen years .. from the year 1937 to 1950 .. with twelve years spent in isolation from outside people and then, one year spent in practising profound meditation or tapasya. In this way, they made themselves immune to negative influences, becoming constant yogis. Then, at last they were ready. Now they were each a river of deep, spiritual knowledge. Thus did the children of GOD begin their task of raising India and the world once more from degradation to purity.

The Yagya members were soon well settled in Brij Kothi, which they renamed as ‘ Madhuban ’.

Daily, the flute of knowledge played on, while the children grew ever stronger. When time allowed, Brahma Baba took them walking in the hills. People who happened to see them stared in wonder at this white parade of graceful shaktis.

Brahma Baba himself was well over seventy years of age. Still, he walked faster and more surely than any of them, as if the heavenly kingdom lay just over the ridge. They rested on the top in meditation, Baba spoke some jewels of knowledge and then simply by the look in his eyes, the shaktis would go into deep trance.

Baba used to say :

“ Daughters ! You have the knowledge ; it is very wonderful. In fact, it is invaluable. It has been lost for a long time. When you make others hear it they will become pleased and will thank GOD. ”

“ Daughters ! With this knowledge and yoga, you little girls will be able to explain to even great and important people, those who today believe themselves to be GOD, or believe the soul to be the Supreme Soul, you will be able to make them understand GOD. You alone have become the instruments for awakening the men and women of the earth from deep sleep.

Children ! don’t you hear the loud cries of the worship of devotees ? If you go into solitude and sit there, you will hear your devotees calling on you. “ Children ! I have come to establish the family of divine souls. Other religious leaders established their own religions, and then the Souls of that religion came down from Paramdham (soul world) to take bodies. In this way the numbers in every religion have increased. But the re-establishment of the divine religion of deities is a different sort of work from theirs.

“ All the souls of this divine religion are already here on earth, but, they have forgotten themselves and have become degraded, so you have only to do the work of awakening them. Get them to remember their original religion and also their dynasty. We have to give them the aim of becoming deities and goddesses, children of the divine world of the one government and one religion, which is now being established. ”

Following message was sent by Brahma Baba on “ How to establish peace in the world ? ” On the occasion of a religious conference held in Colombo :

“ …As long as every person in the world does not know that he is a soul, does not act in soul-consciousness, it is impossible to establish peace in the world. In reality, there is only one religion and that is the religion of the soul. The religion of the soul is purity and peace. ”

“ Because of the many religions today, there is much quarrelling .. As long as a human being is devoid of self-realization, he is not a human being, but rather a demon in the guise of a human being and as long as he is demon-like, can there be peace? I am sending you a treasury of the jewels of Godly knowledge. Please think them over… ”

“ 18th January, 1969 ”

On 18th January, 1969 at the age of 93, Brahma Baba vacated his body .. achieved the final stage of perfection.

The Tower of Peace on the Madhuban Campus is a tribute to the invincible spirit of this ordinary human being who achieved greatness by rising to the challenge of the deeper truths of life.

Source : “ The First Man .. Adi Dev ” by Brahma Kumaris

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