Srila Prabhupada was born on 1st September, 1896 in Calcutta. He was named by his parents as Abhaya. Father, Gour Mohan De, was a pure devotee of Kirshna, and raised his son as a Krishna Conscious Child from the very beginning. Prabhupada got married in the year 1918. Prabhupada retired from married life in the year 1950 and adopted the Vanaprastha. Prabhupada went to USA in the year 1965 and established the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in the year 1966. The Bhakti Vedanta Book Trust was established in the year 1972.


“ Child-hood of Abhaya ” 

I was born on September 1st, 1896, on a Tuesday, at about 4:00 in the evening in Calcutta.

( Letter-6th Dec.-1975-Vrindavan )

I had my horoscope clearly written that : “ This child, after seventy years, he will be a great religious propagator and establish so many temples. ”

( Lecture-16th Dec. 1973-Los Angeles )

The name selected for me was ‘ Abhaya ’. ‘ Abhaya ’ means there is no fear. In my maternal uncle’s house, because I was born on the Nandotsava , they kept my name as ‘ Nandadulal ’.

( Conversation-19th July 1977-Vrindavan )

When I was one to one and half years old, I suffered from typhoid, and then Dr. Kartika Chandra Bose, said : “ Please give him chicken juice”. But, my father refused and said : “ No, no, we cannot ”, “ No, no, I cannot allow ”.

( Conversation-2nd Aug. 1976-Paris )

I asked my mother in my child-hood, “ My dear mother, how did I come out from your belly ? ” I still remember. So, my mother showed me her navel : “ You came out from this place. ”

( Lecture-1st Mar. 1967-San Francisco )

In our child-hood, actually whatever I am currently doing .. it was all taught in our childhood by our parents, my family. We were taught, “ There is a grain of rice on the ground, and if it is touched by your feet, you should pick up the grain and touch on your head ”. This was our training. The idea behind is that the grain of rice is not man-made. It is sent by God. “ Oh God ! Give us our daily bread. ” So, here is the bread. It is God’s mercy. Just see how the idea, great idea. What is given by God, that is also God. This is God consciousness.

( Conversation-28th June 1974-melbourne )

“ A Krishna Conscious child ”

My father, Gour Mohan De, 1849-1930, a pure devotee of Krishna, raised me as a Krishna Conscious child from the very beginning of my life. In my boy-hood years he instructed me how to play the mrudanga. He gave me Radha-Krishna idol to worship and he gave me JagannathaRatha to observe the festival duly as my childhood play. He was kind to me. And I imbibed from him and the ideas were later on solidified by my spiritual master, the eternal father.

( Conversation-21st Aug. 1976-Hyderabad )

My father taught me Krishna Consciousness from the very child-hood. My father was a great ‘ Vaishnava ’, and I had the opportunity of taking birth in that family. So he gave me lessons of Krishna Consciousness from the very beginning of my life.

( Lecture-12th Nov. 1971-Delhi )

In my child-hood, I was not willing to go to the school. My mother used to force me. My father was lenient and my mother kept a special man, Yamadhara and instructed him that, “ Your duty is to take him even by force to the school ”. My mother used to complain to my father, that “ Your boy did not go to school ”, “ Oh, he did not go to school ? ” ..“ Why ? ” And, I was sure he was very affectionate. So, I said : “ No, I shall go tomorrow. ” Then my father used to support me saying : “ All right, he will go tomorrow, that’s all right ”. But that tomorrow will never come ! My mother used to force me. So, I thought, “ It is a pleasure. Why should I go to school ? Let me play the whole day ! ”

But it is the duty of the guardian to see that this is not pleasure, this is spoiling. A child may consider something as pleasure, but the guardian should provide proper guidance.

I was not desiring to take my medicine. When I was a child it was very difficult to give me medicine. Three men were required. Yes, One will capture me, another will hold my legs, and then my mother will give me medicine by force, I was so obstinate !

( Conversation-9th Aug. 1976-Teheran )

I was not desiring to take my medicine. When I was a child it was very difficult to give me medicine. Three men were required. Yes, One will capture me, another will hold my legs, and then my mother will give me medicine by force, I was so obstinate !

( Conversation-9th Aug. 1976-Teheran )

When I was a child, my father gave me one red gun, then I was not more than eight years. Then, after getting one, I said, “ I must have another one ”. Then father said, “ Why another one ? You have got already one ”. I said, “ No I have got two hands, I must have two guns ”. Then my father, “ No, you are not .. I am not going ” .. Then, I made so much agitation, he was obliged to give me two guns. I was a very pet child of my father.

( Conversation-14th Apr. 1976-Bombay )

In my child-hood, with my father, I used to walk ten miles to save a ticket of five paise on the tram car. So we are trained up in that way. Of course, it was a very pleasant morning walk.

( Letter-1st Sep. 1971-London )

“ Holy city of Vrindavana ”

There are many thousands of Krishna temples all over India, especially in VrindavanaVrindavana is the city with only fifty thousand people. But, there are five thousand temples ! Five thousand .. all Krishna temples ! Now, in  each  and  every temple you will  find  some nice foodstuff. According to the capacity of the temple owner, costly foodstuffs are always offered. And that foodstuff is distributed amongst the poor class people.

At the cost of the rich men, the prasadam was being distributed to the poor class of people at a very nominal price.

In my child-hood, when I was eight or ten years .. sometimes I used to accompany my father. My father was a great devotee. He would take prasadam from the temple.

For five cents, we were having very nice prasadam. We, two persons, were fed with that.

( Lecture-8th Aug. 1966-New York )

“ Loss of mother ”

I lost my mother when I was only fourteen years old. I didn’t get much of my mother’s affection in my child-hood.

( Lecture-20th Feb. 1969-Los Angeles)

When my mother died, I thought in this way : “ ‘ Oh, it is a grace of the Lord, my mother is now dead ’. .. because she is the real cause of my non-freedom, she is now dead. Now I am free ”. It is very unbecoming from the materialistic point of view.

( Conversation-27th Oct. 1968-Montreal )

My education in Sanskrit began in the college. Of course, I was the best student in my class of Sanskrit ! I always stood first. But we are not like the so-called Sanskrit scholars. But for our purpose, we can read and write, that’s all.

( Conversation-17nd June 1976-Toronto )

My father never wanted me to become a worldly man earning money. There was some arrangement for my going to England after my college education to become a barrister, but my father refused, “ No, my son is not going to be a mleccha (meat-eater). ”

(Video-on Srila Prabhupada)

“ Marriage ”

I was married in the year 1918.

( Conversation-25th Jan.1977-Puri )

When I was married, I was twenty two years and my wife was only eleven years.

( Conversation-15th Aug.1971-London )

And at the age of fourteen she gave birth to the first child. And in my next generation, when my eldest daughter was married, she was sixteen years.

( Lecture-13th May 1973-Los Angeles )

I was never attached to my wife, or home, which resulted in my complete liberation from worldly attachment. I immersed myself completely in Krishna Consciousness.

( Letter-5th May 1968 )

“ My Spiritual Master ”

I met Bhakti-siddanta Sarasvati Thakura .. I was at that time a nationalist and a manager in a big chemical factory. My age was about twenty-four years. So, one of my friends, informed me : “ There is a nice sadhu, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura. He has come to Calcutta. So let us go and see him ”. I was reluctant. I said, “ Oh, these kind of sadhus, there are many. I would not go ”.

However, he dragged me. So, I went to see Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura on that day.

On the first meeting, we offered our obeisances. Immediately, he began saying : “ You are all educated young men. Why don’t you take up Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s tradition and preach all over the English knowing public ? Why don’t you take up this matter ? ”

I argued with him .. at that time I was a nationalist. I told him : “ Who will accept our message ? We are a dependent nation. Nobody will care ”. So, at that time we had some discussions, and, of course, I was defeated by his argument.

When I came out in to the street, my friend asked me : “ What is your opinion of this sadhu ? ”. Then, I said : “ Here is the right person who has taken up Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s message, and now it will be distributed. ”

In the year 1922, I accepted Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura as my spiritual master. Not officially, but in my heart.

( Lecture-13th Dec. 1973-Los Angeles )

“ Kumbhamela in Allahabad ”

In the year 1923, I left Calcutta on my business tour. And I made Allahabad as my head quarters. There was a Kumbhamela in Allahabad in the year 1923. At that time, these Gaudiya Matha People came to Allahabad to establish a center there. Somebody informed them that “ You go to that ‘ Prayaga Pharmacy’ (my drug shop). ” Somebody else said : “ You go and see Abhaya Babu. He will help you. ”

Then, Gaudiya Matha people came to see me and said : “ Sir, we have come to you. We have heard your good  name. So  we  want  to start a temple here. Please try to help us ”.

As soon as I saw them, I remembered these very nice, saintly persons whom I met earlier. I was very much engladdened : “ Oh, here are these persons. They have come again ”.

So, in this way, gradually, I became attached to these Gaudiya Matha activities. I was obliged to take up this movement very seriously. And I was dreaming that “ Bhaktisiddanta Sarasvati Thakura was calling me, Please come out with me ! ” I was beginning to be confused : “ Oh, what is this ? Have I to give up my family life ? Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura is calling me ? Have I to take sannyasa ? ” Oh, I was horrified. But, I saw several times, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura calling me. It is by his Grace, I was ready to give up my family life, and also my so-called business life. And he brought me, in some way or other into preaching his gospel.

( Lecture-13th Dec. 1973-Los Angeles )

My family was in Allahabad, during the years 1923 to 1936 continually. I used to come to Bombay from Allahabad for business. And I was staying in the hotel ‘ Empire Hindu Hotel ’.

( Conversation-7th Jan. 1977-Bombay )

“ Nature has to give something ”

Everything in nature has to give something. That is the norm. Everything that we see : “ River ” .. why God has created the river ? It has a function. Similarly, “ Ocean ”, “ Hill / Mountain ” and “ Vegetables ”. All the vegetables which are growing, have some specific service ; we, however, may not know.

Because we do not know the use of these vegetables and creepers, we go to a doctor / physician. Otherwise, if somebody is ill, the medicine is readily there. We do not know how to utilize them. Still, in remote villages and in forest, people do not go to the physician / doctors. The bhils, the aborigines, they know so many herbal drugs.

Sometime in the years 1931 or 1932, I had a very severe tooth pain. I was taken by my servant in the jungle to some, the vaidya. He cured me, which the dentist could not. I attended many times the dentist. And, in the Ayurvedic literature, there is mention of some drug (a root) .. just if you touch the germs collected in the teeth will come out in the corner of the teeth. In the nature’s way there are so many natural drugs (roots and creepers) that can cure all the diseases.

( Lecture-20th June 1973-Mayapura)

“ I hear my Guru ”

The most important process is sravanam. My Guru Maharaja was very kind to me because I was very much interested to hear him. In the beginning, I could not understand him. He was speaking in such a high philosophical way that it was not easy to understand. Still, I wanted to hear him. That was my only qualification. That is the process. During lecture time, if we don’t care to hear or we do other things or take rest, then that is not a very good sign. We should be very careful. We should be very, very serious and do the needful. Then alone our life will be successful.

                                                                                                                                                               ( Lecture-29th Sep. 1974-Mayapura )

“ Guru Maharaja’s request ”

My Guru Maharaja said to me : “ If you get some money, you kindly print books .. help me.. this is my request. Print as many books, in as many languages as possible and distribute them throughout the world ! ”

(Lecture-20th June 1975-Los Angeles)

My Guru Maharaj while passing away, during the year 1936 gave me his last instruction : “ You preach whatever you have learnt from me in English and that will do good to you and the people who will hear you. ”

( Letter-12th June 1968-Montreal )

“ Become a Sannyasi ! ”

When I was a householder, several times there was indication given by my Guru Maharaja that I should give up family life and become a sannyasi and preach Krishna Consciousness as a Movement.

In several ways, there were hints from my spiritual master, but still, I was not willing. I was thinking : “ If I go away, then my family, my sons, my daughters, they will suffer ”. However, I dissolved my family connection, in the year 1950.

( Lecture-12th Sep. 1969-London )

“ Krishna’s trick ”

In the beginning, when my Guru Maharaja ordered me, I thought : “ I shall first of all become a very rich man .. then, I shall preach ”. I was doing very well in my business. In the business circles, I earned a very good name, and all the people connected to my business, they were very satisfied. But Krishna made  a trick that broke everything, and he saw to it that I take sannyasa ! So that  is  Hari  ! I  left my home, my children and everything. I started as a pauper, with seven dollars. That is no money. But, I have got now a bit of properties, hundreds of children ! And I haven’t got to think for their provision. They are taking care of me ! When I took sannyasa, when I was living alone, I was feeling very bitter. Sometimes, I was thinking, “ Have I done a great mistake by accepting ? ”

In the year 1944, when I was publishing the book “ Back to Godhead ” in Delhi, one day, a bull thrashed me, and I fell down on the footpath. I had severe injuries. I was all alone. Then I was thinking : “ What is this ? ” So, I had very many days of tribulations, but it was all meant for my own good. Don’t be afraid of tribulations. Go forward.

( Lecture-17th Apr. 1969-New York )

“ Taking Sannyasa ”

My Guru Maharaja pulled me out from this material life. He was so kind to me. I have not lost anything. I have only gained. I left three children ..

I have got now three hundred children ! So, I am not a loser. We think we become a loser by accepting Krishna. No, nobody becomes a loser ! I was also thinking : “ How can I accept this renounced order of life ? I cannot bear so much trouble ”.

Taking sannyasa order is in one sense only a formality. I was preaching and writing for eight or nine years as Vanaprastha and then in the year 1959 I took sannyasa. After a few years of Vanaprastha, your behavior is ideal, then sannyasa can be considered. In the year 1954, I left my home, and for five years I lived in Vanaprastha here and there, and then in the year 1959 I took sannyasa.

( Lecture-1st May 1974-Bombay )

“ Bhaktivedanta prabhu ”

Once, I was sitting alone in Vrindavana, writing books. So, my God-brother, called me as “ Bhaktivedanta Prabhu ”. This title was given to me during my family life. It was offered to me by the Vaishnava Society.

( Lecture-21st Oct. 1968-Seattle )

“ Printing of books ”

After my acceptance of sannyasa, I began working on Srimad-Bhagavatam. When the first canto was finished with great difficulty, I published the first volume in the year 1962. After leaving my home and after taking sannyasa and spending whatever money I had with me during the five years of my staying alone. I published the second volume in the year 1963 and then the third volume in the year 1965.

( Letter-9th Jan. 1969-Los Angeles )

When all the three parts of Srimad-Bhagavatam had been published in India, I then started for the USA on the thirteenth of August, 1965.

I am continuously trying to publish books, as suggested by my spiritual master. In the year, 1976, I completed the Seventh Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, and a summary of the Tenth Canto has already been published as “ Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead ”.

( Srimad-Bhagavatam 8.1-Introduction )

“ Distribution of books ”

If you are actually serious about taking out a travelling plan, your main activity should be to distribute books. By this most powerful preaching we are becoming very influential in your country and people are seriously reading the books and considering the importance of Krishna Consciousness. Lord Chaitanya explained that we do not care much whether one is sannyasi, or gruhastha, so long as one is fully serving Krishna.

( Letter-1st May 1974-Bombay )

“ Sailing for New York ”

My  Guru  Maharaja  commanded me : “ You go and preach this tradition amongst the English speaking  public  and  specially  in  the western countries ”.

So, first of all I thought of London, but I had no money. So I got the opportunity for going to USA free, on a trade ship by the Scindia Steam Navigation. They gave me their first-class cabin, the proprietor’s cabin.

So, I got the opportunity to go to America because their ship goes only to New York. So I accepted, “ All right, we can see, either go to London or New York ”. New York is a better place than London. I started for New York.

(Conversation-7th Nov. 1970-Bombay)

I started the Movement with only forty rupees (seven dollars) during the year 1965. So, they gave me a free ticket, and the government allowed me to take with me forty rupees. In this condition, I started for New York. No friend, no hotel, no arrangements. This was the beginning. Then, I went there. So, I do not know how it happened. Now we have got forty crores ! It is all Krishna’s mercy ! I never expected that my books will be sold and appreciated all over the world. So that is being done. People are appreciating the whole Movement.

(Conversation-2nd July 1977-Vrindavan)

“ Early years in America ”

I arrived in America during September 1965.For one year I had no shelter, neither  any  means  to maintain myself.  I  had  some  books only, Srimad-Bhagavatam, and some way or the other, I pulled on. In the year 1966, I started this movement after incorporation in New York under the state religious act, and I began to chant “ Hare Krishna ” mantra in a park in New York. And some young boys and girls, they began to assemble and chant and dance. That was the beginning.

In this way, first of all we started our center in New York, Second Avenue, and then gradually expanded in San Francisco, in Montreal, in Boston, Buffalo, and Los Angeles.

(Lecture-11th Apr. 1971-Bombay)

In New York, when we started this Movement, at seven o’clock in the morning we used to hold our class, and there was a little sound. Immediately the tenants from upwards, they would come down and complain. Sometimes they would call for police. And, on the street, Second Avenue, there were always big, big trucks and motor cars going on, heavy sound. Then, in the country the garbage carrier sound, the digging sound, So many sounds they would tolerate.

And, as soon as, “ Hare Krishna ” , it would be “ Oh, it is intolerable. ” This is demonic. The demonic, they’ll not hear. Because that will do good to them by hearing, they’ll not accept it !

(Lecture-3rd Feb. 1975-Hawaii)

“ ISKCON Movement ”

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was established in New York in the year 1966.

When ISKCON was incorporated, a boy named Chuck Barnett joined me, along with a few others, to form the nucleus for the institution’s future development. At this time I used to chant the “ Hare Krishna ” underneath a tree in Tempkin’s Square Park in New York. Sriman Barnett and another boy, Bruce, were the first to begin dancing in front of me, and others in the audience joined them.

The New York Times published a report of this, with our picture and headline declaring that I was attracting the younger generation to the “ Hare Krishna Movement ”.

( Lecture-10th Aug. 1976-Teheran )

“ Two Conceptions ”

There are two conceptions : The physical conception and the vibration conception. Physical conception is temporary. The vibration conception is eternal. Just like we are enjoying or we are relishing the vibration of Krishna’s teachings. So, by vibration he is present, as soon as we chant “ Hare Krishna ” or chant “ Bhagavad-gita ” or “ Bhagavata ”.

We should associate by the vibration, and not by the physical presence. That is real association by sound. Just like we are touching Krishna immediately by sound .. sound vibration. We should give greater stress on the sound vibration, either of Krishna or of any other spiritual master. Then we’ll feel happy and no separation.

(Lecture-18th Aug. 1968-Montreal)

I shall remain as your personal guidance, physically present or when not present physically, just as I am getting personal guidance from my Guru Maharaj.

( Conversation-14th July 1977-Vrindavan )

I’m always with you, never mind even if I am physically absent. Never think that I am away from you. Physical presence is not essential, presence by message .. hearing is real touch.

( Letter-2nd Aug. 1967-Vrindavan )

If there is no chance to serve the spiritual master directly, one should serve him by remembering his instructions. There is no difference between the spiritual master’s instructions and the spiritual master himself. Therefore, in his absence, his words of direction should be the pride of the disciple. The Spiritual Master remains in the material universe until all of his disciples are transferred to the Spiritual Sky.

( Letter-11th July 1969-Los Angeles )

“ Spiritual realization ”

The Spiritual Master is present wherever his sincere disciple is trying  to  follow  his  instructions.  In your attempts  to  follow me, in all The Spiritual Master is present wherever his sincere disciple is trying to follow his instructions. In your attempts to follow me, in all your sincere efforts, I am always with you, as my Guru Maharaj is with me.

( Letter-1st Dec. 1973-Los Angeles )

This is for spiritual realization. If one does not spiritually realize one’s identity, one remains as an animal. That is the difference between animal and man. Man is supposed to be spiritually realized.

( Interview-14th July 1976-New York )

“ Train some American boys ”

Due to my unceasing hard work for the last two years, my health is shattered. On 25th May 1967, I had a heavy stroke. The boys took all possible care and I was getting well day by day.

But, I am thinking of going back to India as soon as I get sufficient strength. I am now considerably old. But the work which I have begun in the western world is not yet finished. I am required to train some of the American boys to preach this all over the western world.

( Letter-27th June 1967-New York )

“ Back to India ”

Now the health is broken. I was very sick after the heart stroke. So, I thought : “ Now I shall not exist. So, let me go to Vrindavan and die there ”. So, then, I purchased ticket for coming back with Kirtanananda. So, in this way, I came back to India in December, 1967.

(Conversation-8th June 1976-Los Angeles)

“ Anxious to work ”

I am a man of seventy-two years. I want to work ! Naturally, I would have retired from all these activities, but I don’t feel .. As long as I can work, I want to work .. I want to work day and night. At night I work with Dictaphone. I become sorry if I cannot work. This is Krishna Consciousness. One must be very anxious to work.

( Lecture-17th Mar. 1968-San Francisco )

By the grace of Krishna, wherever I go all my disciples provide me a very nice place for residing and in Calcutta also Sriman Achyutananda and Sriman Jayapataka, who are going to be Sannyasis tomorrow, they gave me a very nice apartment. So, I am now seventy five years old. I never thought how I would be able to travel long distances. However, as people say, I am still young .. may be sooner or later I shall go back to New York again.

( Letter-9th Sep. 1970 )

I have had several times slight heart attacks since 1970, but it did not hamper my activities in Krishna Consciousness. So long as Krishna will keep me fit I will go on working.

“ Print books .. don’t keep money ”

Bhaktivedanta Book Trust’s formula is that .. as soon as you get money, spend fifty percent for printing and the other fifty percent for temple. This is the basic principle : “ No saving .. as soon as you have some money, print books. Don’t keep money. ”

If you print books, some day, somebody will read. But, if we keep money, it creates disturbance. I am therefore always insisting : “ Print books or construct temples. There is no need of keeping money. ”

( Discussion-26th June 1976-New Vrindavan )

“ American money + Indian culture ”

In America, they accept Hare Krishna Movement sincerely. There was a judgement by the Supreme Court in New York .. that Hare Krishna Movement is a genuine religious Movement. However, there was great opposition against the Movement. Our students were kidnapped, and so many such harassments took place. But, by the grace of Krishna, after eleven or twelve years of struggle, “ Hare Krishna Movement ” was recognized. Now, for the benefit of the whole world, American Money and Indian Culture should combine ! That will bring benefit to the whole world !

( Lecture-23rd Mar. 1977-Bombay )

“ Life is eternal ”

I am feeling very weak. I want to go to different places like Chandigarh. But, I cancelled the program because the condition of my health is deteriorating. I preferred to remain in Vrindavana, If death take place here. So, there is nothing new to be said. Whatever I have to speak, I have already spoken in my books. Whether I am present or not present, it doesn’t matter.

Our life is eternal : “ Na Hanyate Hanyamane Sarire ”. A temporary disappearance of this body, it doesn’t matter. Body is meant for disappearance : “ Tatha Dehantara-Prapti

( Arrival Speach-17th May 1977-Vrindavan )

“ No death ”

No worldly person is prepared to die, but I am prepared to die. That  much  strength I  have  got. I will be very  glad  to  die  if   Krishna wants. And I shall stay with you. But, I am not afraid of death. Of what shall I be afraid ? For me, either life or death, both are same, I don’t mind. Don’t move me to the hospital !

( Srila Prabhupada Vigil-28th May 1977-Vrindavan )

According to the calculation of my horoscope, eighty-one years will be completed and eighty-second year will begin. It doesn’t matter .. I leave this body. Even in death I’ll live. One year before or one year after.. As far as possible, I have trained all of you. Try to follow the principles. And go ahead. Don’t be upset by maya’s tricks. Go ahead, forward, at any cost.

( Conversation-17th Aug. 1977-Vrindavan )

“ Master lives forever ”

The spiritual Master lives forever by His divine instruction and the disciple lives with him : because I have always served my Guru Maharaj and followed his teachings I am even now never separated from him. Sometimes, Maya may come and try to interfere but we must not falter. We must always follow the chalked out path layed down by the great Acharyas and in the end you will see.

( Letter-25th Nov. 1973 )

So, I am not going to die : “ Kirtir yasya sa jivati ” .. “ One who has done something substantial, he lives forever ”. He doesn’t die. One has to accept another body according to his karma.

( Conversation-27th May 1977-Vrindavan )

Always remember that I am always with you. As you are always thinking of me I am always thinking of you also. Although physically we Always remember that I am always with you. As you are always thinking of me I am always thinking of you also. Although physically we are not together, we are not separated spiritually. So we should be concerned only with this spiritual connection.

( Letter-13th Nov. 1969-London )

“ 14th November, 1977 ”

Before Srila Prabhupada passed away on November 14, 1977, he had guided the Society and seen it grow to a worldwide confederation of more than one hundred ashrams, schools, temples, institutes, and farm communities.

Source : “ Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta .. As It Is ” by Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami

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